Strategy | Advisory

Business Transformation Services

At CommVisory Consulting, we know change is challenging.  It’s relatively easy to create initiative to build transformation momentum.  You can author a transformation one pager and develop a messaging approach, but building true linkage from the top to the bottom of the organizations where all of your troops are rallied around solving the same problem is much more challenging. And frankly where the rubber meets the road.  Creating a high performing culture can take years and can easily unravel if your top executives don’t live out the message on a daily basis.

We will guide you along the path.  Whether your starting to build a plan, have it already built, need help communicating the plan, or need new ways to measure the success of your plan.  We won’t tell you to change your corporate culture or anything else that makes your business an amazingly unique enterprise, but we will help you maximize your corporate mission and overall business value.

Strategic Technology Planning

Leveraging our technology and business expertise, these appraisals chart a course of action to align technology architecture, design, delivery, and budgets to meet the dynamic requirements of your business in both the near term and the long term.

Cloud and Managed Service Evaluations

Challenged with what applications should move to the Cloud?  What about managing costs within your cloud infrastructure?  Do you have visibility to your Cloud spend?  What if you are deciding whether to continue in-sourcing or leverage managed services to drive increased levels of predictability and performance of your infrastructure? Cloud and Managed Service Evaluations deliver practical and justifiable financial models to guide your decisions properly weighing all variables based on your specific business environment.



Technology Assessments

Infrastructure & Technology Review

Wrestling with trying to decide whether or not to continue investing in your existing infrastructure? Curious if an architecture or application change to the Cloud will truly deliver on its promise? Our Infrastructure & Technology Review will craft or validate your business case to create both a current baseline as well as a mechanism to measure post implementation improvements.

Customer Engagement Appraisal & Optimization

Following a process and methodology developed through years of business and contact center experience, these services review and recommend technological, organizational, managerial, and/or workflow augmentations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the customer engagement operation.

Services Benchmarking

Are you curious how your rates, terms, and conditions stack up against other industry leaders? Our Services Benchmarking products deliver answers and where appropriate define a plan of action to improve your organization’s relative position compared to industry leaders.

Infrastructure Change Evaluations & Financial Modeling 

Infrastructure change is expensive and time consuming. Properly calculating the cost of change can make or break an initiative’s ROI and impact your vendor decision. Our modeling service will define a clear and straight forward process by which to evaluate the true cost of infrastructure change and allow you to continuously measure cost impacts based on the initiative’s progress.



Sourcing Solutions

Contract Negotiation Solutions

Leveraging our extensive history of successful negotiations, our Contract Negotiation Solutions range from review and redline to leading negotiations to contract signature. Our experience will drive to a mutually beneficial and efficient outcome. Not only do we know what to ask for, we know how to get it.

Infrastructure Sourcing

Most organizations large or small will agree mystery equals margin. With our Infrastructure Sourcing services you can be assured of zero mystery. We understand not only the ins and outs of network technology, but more importantly the way the carrier’s package, deliver, and contract for a given service or service bundle. Our proven methodology will drive you to the preferred provider(s) who maximizes your business value with price, service delivery, responsiveness, and contractual flexibility.

Technology Procurement

Looking for a way to cut through all of the marketing hype and determine true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Wanting to make sure you pay a fair price for technology and services? Whether is Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud, our Technology Procurement services utilize a verified process to lead the charge to determine what technology is optimal for your business goals, objectives, and budgets.